Our Gutter profiles, whether PVC or Aluminum are strong and durable and are manufactured to withstand the strongest weather conditions in Nigerian environment. They are also designed to curb the menace of maintenance and environmental nuisance caused by rain water to buildings and its foundations.


Our American Aluminum Rain Gutters are designed to systematically collect rainwater. This is because rainwater coming directly from the roof top is with so much force that it Splashes Back on the walls. This will eventually lead to mold, algae and black spots forming on such wall, thereby creating an ugly sight to your beautiful home…...Think Lifetime Gutter


During Rainfall, rainwater coming from your roof could be as much as Ten Trailer loads and this could cause an enormous damage if allowed to sink into the foundation of the building. Though the walls are concrete, water will penetrate to find its level. The effect of rainwater getting into your foundation will lead to eventual crack in its walls and you can guess the result, as the saying goes: ”if the foundation be destroyed?”


Our Gutter systems can prevent erosion within your compound. This can be done when the downpipes are channeled and connected to underground waste water pipes that leads to the primary drain outside of the building. However, if you allow rainwater pools around several spots within the compound and often times if landscaped, Rainwater can wash out soil and plants leaving a messy sight of muddy water and ugly environment.


Lifetime Gutter is designed using the K-Style configuration. This adds a beautiful curb appeal to the exterior and architectural outlook of your building. Our major colours of: WHITE, ROYAL BROWN and BLACK Gutters are designed with you in mind to add aesthetics to your home or project ….. Lifetime Aluminum Gutter can also be painted over to your desired colour without the fuss of pealing or fading.

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