Lifetime Roof Gutters Mfg. Co. Ltd. Was established on 27th of May 2010 with a view to improve on the existing Building / construction industry outlook by making available various forms of Roof Gutters and accessories to curb the menace of maintenance and environmental nuisance caused by rain water to buildings and our environment. Lifetime Roof Gutters has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Nigeria along with a strong distribution chain throughout the country.

Our company is founded upon the principles of hard work, commitment and optimum customer service. All these are tailored to avail our customers Quality and Permanent Solutions to every problem in the area of Roof Gutters


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With the support of our Technical Partners from the USA, we are currently into the manufacturing of American Specified Standard Gauge 5.1inch Aluminum Gutters, 2 x 3 inch Rectangular Downspouts, 2 x 3inch Aluminum Elbows and other Accessories. Our ultra-modern factory which occupies approximately 10,000sq foot of space is located in Lagos. With a DAILY INSTALLED CAPACITY OF 15,000 meters of Gutters, 18,000 meters of Downspout and 10,000 units of Elbows per day. You can be sure that we are large enough to accommodate all your orders.


With our distribution partners located in major cities across the nation (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja), we would get your orders to your door step.


Our installation procedure follows the recommended ISO 9001 Standard, therefore our installers are well trained and certified to handle all the challenges of Gutter installation.



More than just functional, Lifetime Roof Gutters are stylish, and designed to form a neat finish to the edge of both domestic and commercial roofing. Lifetime Roof Gutters are designed to minimize the risk from serious water damage to the building, making Lifetime Roof Guttering a wise investment.

Choose from a wide range of colours and a huge range of guttering profiles to compliment any architectural style from modern homes to heritage buildings.

Manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant, 100% aluminum material. Lifetime gutters are available un-painted, or with a durable external grade colour paint finish that will resist chipping and cracking for years to come.


Rainwater coming directly from the roof top is with so much force that it creates BACKSPLASH on the walls. This eventually leads to mold and mildew collection on the surface, black spots and algae also form on such wall, thereby creating an ugly sight to your beautiful home.

Rainwater coming from your roof after every rainfall could be as much as Ten Trailer loads and this caused an enormous damage if allowed to sink into the foundation of the house. Even is the floor is cemented, water will find its level. The effect of rainwater getting into your foundation will lead to foundation damage and eventually a crack in the walls of the house or its perimeter fence.

Rainwater coming directly from your roof can also lead to erosion within your compound, as water pools around several spots within the compound. Often times and if landscaped, Rainwater can wash out soil and plants leaving a messy sight of muddy water and ugly environment.