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Lifetime Gutter Systems Mfg. Co. Ltd. Was established on 27th of

May 2010 with a view to improve on the existing Building / construction industry outlook by making available various forms of Roof Gutters and accessories to curb the menace of maintenance and environmental nuisance caused by rain water to buildings and our environment. Lifetime Roof Gutters has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Nigeria along with a strong distribution chain throughout the country.

Our company is founded upon the principles of hard work, commitment and optimum customer service. All these are tailored to avail our customers Quality and Permanent Solutions to every problem in the area of Roof Gutters.

Our Mission

To focus firmly on Research and development of new products that justifies patronage, bring overall satisfaction to our customers and improve on the investments of our shareholders.

Our Vision

To become a foremost Nigerian Company of choice with unique range of quality products and services that is affordable and exceeds our Customers’ expectations.

Our Philosophy

To go above and beyond the average level of service and create a positive emotional impact on our client and others involved with us.

Make Your Home Perfect Now!

                                       The Role We Play

Our company, Lifetime Roof Gutter & Window Solutions has come to address all the fore mentioned problems, by installing our world class Roof Gutter Water Collection Systems in your home and bring a permanent solution to the effect of Rainwater damage to your property and environment.

Our products are manufactured to the best of ISO standards with special consideration for Nigerian weather conditions and environmental challenges. Our End to End approach ensures that individual components that make up the whole Gutter System is rugged and tough enough to face whatever challenges that may arise. Our special Sealant and additives also ensures there are no leakages as components are well capped and sealed.

Lifetime products…. Quality, Aesthetics, & functionality.