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It is a system of collecting rainwater from the eave/edge of a roof, channel it down through a downpipe and divert it away from the foundation of the building.

The primary purpose of gutter is to protect the foundation of your building by diverting rainwater away from such foundation.

Its also used to beautify the exterior look of your building as it creates a harmonious curb appeal.

We have mainly 2 types of Gutters in Nigeria: Aluminium Gutters and Plastic/PVC Gutters.

Aluminum or Pvc Gutters with its accessories are usually sold per piece based on customer requirement.

However, some customers prefer it to be installed per linear meter which will include the all the gutter materials, accessories, transport and installation. 






Aluminum Materials

1 unit = 4 Meter

1 Unit = 3 Meter

 1 Unit = 1 Unit

Plastic/Pvc Materials

1 unit = 4 Meter

1 Unit = 4 Meter

 1 Unit = 1 Unit

Because of the tropical nature of our environment whereby we have Sunlight almost all year round, the best type of gutter to have is Aluminum Rain Gutters because it can withstand the extreme hot weather conditions without any failure. Plastic/Pvc on the other hand usually expand and sag within a short period of time depending on the intensity of sunlight its exposed to.

As the name implies, Aluminum is one of the most durable and indestructible material on the planet and it commands international commodity price in $.  However, this price may change due to several factors, just like crude oil or Gold.

Currently, the most popular colours of Gutters and its accessories are: White, Black and Brown.

Lifetime Gutter Systems have well trained installation teams that follow due process in installation and have earned several customer satisfaction and commendations.

This depends on several factors, ranging from size of the building, height, customer preference and prevailing market prices. An average duplex is measured at about 78-80 linear meters.

This also depend on several factors, but an average Bungalow is measured at about 62-70 linear meters.

Yes, that’s possible if you know how to identify and read the metrics or imperial markings of the tape. On the other hand you may refer to the roof plan in consultation with your architect or engineer.


To help you further, we have prepared and easy step by step illustration of how to take measurement for non tech individuals.

Yes we do, as a matter of fact, that’s a service we gladly render as it usually saves our customer the hassles of overquote or underquote of materials needed.

At the moment, Lifetime Gutter Systems specialize in the business of Guttering for both domestic and industrial installations.

Yes, Rain Gutters can be installed on any modern roof type, from Aluminum to Stone coated roof tiles , corrugated insulated roof and other industrial roof corrugations.

Gutter leakage can be due to several factors ranging from poor installation, effects of weather (thermal expansion), weak joints, wrong use of sealants and accumulation of debris.

Lifetime Gutters Systems specialize in Installation, repair and service of Rain Gutters for both domestic and industrial clients.

We are currently have 5 branches spread across Lagos Island and Mainland with service and sales partners spread across Nigeria

Yes, Lifetime Gutter Systems have network of partners that help facilitates the shipment of materials across Nigeria.  Also our installation team service covers the whole Nigeria.

Installation is charged per linear Meter of work done depending on location our service is needed.

Lifetime Gutter System offers 20years warranty on our American Aluminum Rain Gutters.

We only offer 13 months installation warranty on Plastic/Pvc Gutters.

Yes, although that depends on the type and quality of the materials provided to be installed.

Please note that our installation warranty covers only products supplied by Lifetime Gutters Systems.

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