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Effects of Rainwater On Your Building

  • RainWater coming from your roof after every rainfall could be as much as Ten Trailer loads and this caused an enormous damage if allowed to sink into the foundation of the house. Even is the floor is cemented, water will find its level. The effect of rainwater getting into your foundation will lead to foundation damage and eventually a crack in the walls of the house or its perimeter fence.

  • Rainwater coming directly from the roof top is with so much force that it creates BACKSPLASH on the walls. This eventually leads to mold and mildew collection on the surface, black spots and algae also form on such wall, thereby creating an ugly sight to your beautiful home.

  • The painting of the wall also continues to peel off, no matter how many times the house is painted; this will be like a recurring decimal.

  • Rainwater coming directly from your roof can also lead to erosion within your compound, as water pools around several spots within the compound. Often times and if landscaped, Rainwater can wash out soil and plants leaving a messy sight of muddy water and ugly environment.

The Role We Play

Our company, Lifetime Roof Gutter & Window Solutions has come to address all the fore mentioned problems, by installing our world class Roof Gutter Water Collection Systems in your home and bring a permanent solution to the effect of Rainwater damage to your property and environment.

Our products are manufactured to the best of ISO standards with special consideration for Nigerian weather conditions and environmental challenges. Our End to End approach ensures that individual components that make up the whole Gutter System is rugged and tough enough to face whatever challenges that may arise. Our special Sealant and additives also ensures there are no leakages as components are well capped and sealed.

Lifetime products…. Quality, Aesthetics, & functionality.

Our Asthetic Designs

Using the latest End to End approach, we manage projects in a cost effective and tailored made manner to suite your budget and bring harmony to the overall beauty of your building, helping the home owner and Nigerian contractors make sense of thier spending.

Our employees are divided into functional teams, providing diverse expertise and experience across a broad spectrum in the building industry. We ensure strict installation policies/standards and the quality of our services is not compromised.

We understand you have a choice and if you allow us to bid your project, you will not be disappointed.

Lifetime products…. Quality, Aesthetics, & functionality.

Our Guttering System

Different styles of gutter are available to suit the design of the roof, the building method and the desired appearance of the building.

  • Common exposed rain gutter is fixed to the fascia board, which in turn is fixed to the ends of the rafters.

  • A fascia gutter incorporates a rain gutter with a fascia Box gutter which is concealed within the structure of the roof.

  • A box gutter is usually applied when the rainwater is to be collected from points within the boundary walls of the building. Water collected by a box gutter us fed to the down pipe via a rainhead.

As our name implies, Lifetime products are designed to last a lifetime! With you as our main focus for success, we are poised to utilize the spirit of teamwork in deploying the best technological and human resources towards the production of quality products, rendering efficient service and offering the best competitive price to our customers without compromise.

Lifetime Products………………here with you, all the way