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With the support of our Technical Partners from the USA, we are currently into the manufacturing of American Specified Standard Gauge 5.1inch Aluminum Gutters, 2 x 3 inch Rectangular Downspouts, 2 x 3inch Aluminum Elbows and other Accessories.

Our ultra-modern factory which occupies approximately 10,000sq foot of space is located in Lagos. With a DAILY INSTALLED CAPACITY OF 15,000 meters of Gutters, 18,000 meters of Downspout and 10,000 units of Elbows per day. You can be sure that we are large enough to accommodate all your orders.


With our distribution partners located in major cities across the nation (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja), we would get your orders to your door step.


Our installation procedure follows the recommended ISO 9001 Standard, therefore our installers are well trained and certified to handle all the challenges of Gutter installation.